Enhancing your space with architectural features

Enhancing homes using wood as features pieces in the home has been stylists’ and homeowners’ dream for quite a long time. Time and time again, we see wood accents used in almost every style of interior design. From modern looks to vintage-inspired home decor, many feature wood accents. Using reclaimed wood in your home asContinue reading “Enhancing your space with architectural features”

Sustainability: Doing our part with the 3 R’s

At Nostalgic Wood, we believe in the ‘Three Rs’ of sustainability: Reclaimed, Recovered and Rescued. While the words have been transformed from the original, better known ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, the overall meaning has not. We strongly believe in, and commit to, sustainable practices; recycling materials as much as possible; reusing and repurposing existing cuts andContinue reading “Sustainability: Doing our part with the 3 R’s”

Pre-finished versus on-site finished flooring

If you’re in the market for the perfect wood flooring for your home or cottage, you’ve probably come across a few debates about pre-finished floors versus on-site finished floors.┬áBoth options can turn into beautiful flooring. Here are a couple things to consider between pre-finished and onsite finished flooring. Currently, there are so many finishing productsContinue reading “Pre-finished versus on-site finished flooring”