Nostalgic Flooring

At Nostalgic Wood we strive to provide products that will always have the sense of individuality that cannot be replicated. We re-mill timbers to create wide-plank wood flooring that is seasoned with history and whispers tales of old growth forests. Wood used for our products is carefully procured from sources that fall into our “3-R’s” of sustainability: Reclaimed, Recovered, and Rescued. These distinctive characteristics are the very things that provide the charm and uniqueness of Nostalgic flooring. They will always bring a sense of individuality to your home and will extend the life of the old barns and logs in their new form for generations to enjoy.

All of our floors are able to be made into engineered flooring.

Architectural Elements

Using our reclaimed woods, you will be able to add that special element or feature to your home.  Stair material, mantles, wall boards, timber beams and posts, will bring warmth and charm to your space. See some of our favourite pieces here.