Rescued Wood Flooring

Nostalgic Wood rescues the body wood from trees that have been designated for removal due to safety risk, damage, disease, or construction. These rescued woods produce wonderful flooring and unique pieces for the special accent item in your home. Many of the rescued logs are cut into slabs or cookies to produce one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

Phoenix Ash

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) beetle has killed tens of millions of ash trees and continues to spread throughout North America.

As a result, many trees succumb to this insect. We rescue trees that are in the very early stages of damage from this beetle. The wood is reincarnated it into rich and vibrant flooring we call PHOENIX ASH.  Ash is known for its distinctive grain and hardness.  In keeping with our appreciation of natural features, we produce flooring that shows all the characteristics found in ash, including its tight knots. Additionally, Kerf saw marks can be added to produce a more rustic look. The ash is manufactured into exquisite flooring in a random width, wide plank format (5″-9″ widths by 2′-12′ long). 

Rescued Hickory

A limited number of Hickory logs were removed from local bushes as part of a forest management program. Hickory has a very distinct variegated look and is a very hard wood making flooring milled from hickory both vibrant and durable.  We rescued these logs destined for the firewood pile and produced a limited amount of hardwood flooring. 

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