Our Story

Bruce Godkin, P.Eng., is in charge of materials and manufacturing.

Katrin Godkin, Civil Engineer, is in charge of sales, marketing, and administration.

Together, they are Nostalgic Wood.

Nostalgic Wood is an Ontario based, family owned and operated company that strives to produce quality reclaimed products that breathe their history and bring character to any home. Nostalgic Wood opened its doors in Mount Forest in 1996, where the original owner began the growth of the company in reclaimed flooring. We are now located in rural Southwestern Ontario, just outside of the town of Walton.

Our story begins when the barn on Bruce’s family farm needed to come down. For sentimental reasons, Bruce envisioned using the wood from the barn to finish the basement of our family home. In trying to locate companies to assist with the project, we came across Nostalgic Wood. We were enthralled by the whole philosophy of reusing wood and the nostalgic part of being able to reuse wood that carries so much history and meaning for families and for them to be able to see the wood in a new life.

While working to reclaim the wood of the family barn, we found out that the company was for sale. As the saying goes, we liked the company so much, we bought it. The timing was perfect as we were both ready to start our next professional chapter with Bruce ready to leave the corporate world and Katrin ready to return to work after raising our two boys.

In 2015, we took over Nostalgic Wood in Mount Forest. We had two goals in mind for Nostalgic Wood: 1. To bring the operation closer to home to eliminate commuting and enhance the sustainability and local values of the company, and 2. To grow the company beyond flooring as we saw the potential of barns and timber frames, for the architectural elements. They are a perfect complement to the reclaimed flooring in homes.

When we came across a barn in the Walkerton, Ontario area that was unique and in excellent condition, we knew we had found the new showroom for Nostalgic Wood. We re-erected the frame on our property and moved our business from Mount Forest to our family farm in Walton, Ontario in 2018.

Professionally, we are well adept for this business and industry. As engineers, we are equipped with a high level of understanding of the stability and behaviour of wood, material function, manufacturing processes, construction of homes, project management, and relationships with supply chain, contractors, and clients.

We strongly value local sourcing and manufacturing which helped us form a strong relationship with the Southwestern Ontario community of Mennonites. Working with the Mennonites helps create high quality products, guarantees locally sources labour, and provides us with their expertise on barns and timber frames.

We welcome you to come to our showroom, meet us, and see our products for yourselves. We would love to help you find the perfect flooring or architectural pieces for your next project, home, or cottage.

Yours at Nostalgic Wood,

Bruce & Katrin Godkin