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Imagine the warmth of wood flooring without the sacrifice of our forests

At Nostalgic Wood, we carefully procure wood from sources that fall into our “3R’s” of sustainability: Reclaimed, Recovered and Rescued, and do not rely on the virgin timber resource. We give wood a second life by transforming it into beautiful products that are as unique as their origin stories. We strive to provide reclaimed wood flooring and other wood products that will always have a sense of individuality which cannot be mass produced and are always…

Seasoned With History.

We are your home for wood products, check us out as your home for wood products.

As a small, family owned business, our goal is to produce beautiful wood products and pieces with wood that comes from local resources. We work with local communities to find, create, and produce unique wood products filled with history. By reusing existing lumber, we are able to give new life to already harvested wood and continue its use as a resource. The patina and character we see in antique lumber is unmatched by new resources. Check out our “3R’s” of sustainability and find the perfect addition to your home, cottage, or any project you may have in mind:

Reclaimed Wood Floor in Dining Room

Nostalgic Wood reclaims wood from century-old Ontario barns and agricultural buildings that are retired and being taken down.

Wood Flooring in home

Nostalgic Wood uses recovered century-old wood from rivers, lakes, and buried wharfs.    

Wood flooring in living room or home

Nostalgic Wood rescues trees that are designated for removal due to disease, damage, safety risks, or construction. 

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