Engineered Flooring: For those tricky, temperature influenced floors

Engineered flooring is a fantastic product, especially when used in certain applications. There is occasionally misunderstanding about when is best to use Engineered Flooring. We’d like to discuss the product to help you figure out if it’s the right flooring for you.

The Assembly

Let’s talk about how Engineered Flooring is assembled. Often, we hear misconceptions around flooring and that Engineered Floor means the entire flooring pieces have been ‘created’. Nostalgic Wood Engineered Flooring simply means that there is a layer of Baltic Plywood on the underside of the Reclaimed Wood. This is virtually undetectable when installed. You can get that same Nostalgic Wood Reclaimed look without worry if you have an environment that calls for Engineered flooring. 

The Application 

There are many environments in a home, cottage, or building that don’t require the use of Engineered Flooring. However, there are some instances where Engineered flooring is certainly the right choice. Engineered Flooring is great for floors that are heated, in basements, or when flooring is intended to go directly onto concrete. The Engineered Flooring provides a layer of protection for the reclaimed portion of the flooring. This helps reduce the amount of warping that can happen as a result of temperature influence. 

Nostalgic Wood Reclaimed Hemlock Flooring as Engineered Flooring in Basement
How do Nostalgic Wood Engineered Floors compared to others on the market?

Our Engineered Flooring provide twice the amount of reclaimed wood to other Engineered Floor products. This enables the ability to sand the floor, and again if refinishing in a few decades is desired. Many other similar products may be too thin to withstand sanding, or sanding more than once. 

Engineered Flooring
Left: Nostalgic Wood Engineered Flooring – Right: Typical other Engineered Flooring Options

Our Engineered Flooring also follows the same tongue and groove as all of our other flooring options, making them seamlessly meet side by side. The only way to tell if the flooring is Engineered would be seeing the pieces before installation. 

One of the best parts about Nostalgic Wood Engineered Flooring is that you can virtually select any of your favourite Nostalgic Wood floors and have them formatted this way. This helps uphold our goal of helping to meet every client’s desired look and to offer unique Nostalgic Wood Flooring. 

We’re always happy to discuss flooring options with you, and determine if Engineered Flooring is the right, or necessary, approach to take with the environment where the floor is being installed. 

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