Nostalgic Wood has worked with contractors who have impressed us with their overall work and craftsmanship. These preferred contractors specialize in custom project completion. Project expertise areas range from renovating existing spaces or total custom builds, to erecting new or reclaimed timber frames. We recommend checking them out for your project needs!

Attainable Solutions Inc.
Huntsville, Ontario

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Attainable Solutions specializes in custom construction, landscaping, and the real estate market in Muskoka, Ontario. They are dedicated to making your Muskoka dreams come to life. Their goal is to assist you in developing your property to is full potential and maximize family enjoyment all while protecting the environment.

Precise Projects
Dundas, Ontario

Precise Projects is an HCRA licensed and Tarion™ certified home builder proudly working with homeowners across Southwestern Ontario. Their team is simply passionate about building, renovating, and improving homes. They are committed to building lasting relationships with their clients through quality, integrity, and trust while bringing visions to life.

Waddell Engineering Cambridge, Ontario

Waddell Engineering is a Structural Engineering firm that specializes in the design of incredible buildings and structures across Canada.  This Engineering firm has extensive experience in reclaimed timber frames. They are our go-to company for engineering and design work for timber frame re-locations and re-erection projects. 

Veld Architecture
Sebringville, Ontario

Is using a reclaimed barn for you next project something you would love to see come to fruition?  The team at VELD Architect Inc. can assist barn lovers who want a barn conversion of their own but don’t know where to start or if their barn project dreams are even possible. With timber frame barns being a passion of theirs, they are a great team to contact to get your project plans on its way.

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