Pre-Finished vs. On-site Finished Flooring

If you’re in the market for the perfect wood flooring for your home or cottage, you’ve probably come across debates about pre-finished floors versus on-site finished floors.  While both options can result in beautiful flooring, here are a couple reasons why we believe that finished-on-site is the best way to go in most cases.

There are many finishing products on the market that could give your floor various different looks: water-based finishes versus oil-based finishes, colour, varying levels of matte or gloss finishes, etc. It can be challenging to figure out what will look best in your home or cottage. This decision is made even more challenging while ordering or selecting flooring in a warehouse or showroom, or even from just some photos in a catalogue. Lighting, furniture and other factors are completely different in one room to the next. One finish might look a certain way in the showroom, but look completely different in the home. This is one of the reasons we recommend finishing flooring on site, where you can assess and make a game-time decision about whether it’s the right finish for the room.

Having the flooring finished on site will give a truly unique look that will perfectly compliment the space, light, and essence of your home or cottage. Installers will have the opportunity to check out the flooring in your space and either use a product that you have selected, or help guide a selection that will enhance the flooring in the space.

Finish being added on-site. See the spot before being finished to notice the difference.

Finishing onsite will always be unique. Even if you and your neighbour both ordered the same reclaimed wood flooring, they will look different because they may pick a different finish all together. The consideration that goes in to onsite finishing will always enhance the space more than most pre-finished products. Pre-finished products can offer impressive flooring looks and styles, but having flooring finished on-site will give your home the custom, intentional look that speaks to your style and aesthetic.

Pre-finished products don’t have the opportunity to be laid, sanded, and then finished to perfection. See some examples of our Reclaimed Wood Flooring that was finished on site. Pre-finished floors are installed as they come, without too much ability to modify once on site. Having the ability to sand on-site is an advantage as it offers the ability to get a smooth finish, and help the product have the longest lasting finish.