The Axe & Adze

Axe and Adze is an associate company to Nostalgic Wood.  It is a small company that creates custom pieces for your home using century old reclaimed wood or live edge rescued wood.

A Message from Axe and Adze

Let the past come alive with our custom reclaimed wood products. All products made by The Axe and Adze are handcrafted from 100% reclaimed and individually unique wood. Reclaimed wood displays a character of beauty and rustic charm unmatched by any artificial means.  Currently the wood that is used to produce our products is from reclaimed barns built in in the late 1800's and early 1900's in South Western, Ontario. Many barn structures were constructed using hand-hewn timbers and pocket-and-dowel construction.  Over 100 years of use and weathering has given this wood its unique and beautiful patina.

Hand-hewn timbers are the most beautiful and rarest of timbers.  The combination of the original hand-hewn surface and age create timbers with the ultimate character. The nostalgic pieces created from these timbers will endure their charm as accents in your home for many generations to come.

Reclaimed barn wood boards have been recovered from the walls and floors of the old barn. The beautiful patina associated with barn wood along with its dark knots, nail holes, and kerf saw marks will bring richness to each piece and rustic charm to your home or cottage.

Manufacturing custom wood products from reclaimed and salvaged wood prevents any virgin trees from being cut down, therefore is a green and eco-friendly way to bring wood products into your home.  We also have access to some unique rescued live edge pieces that can be made into one-of-a kind pieces for your home.

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