Nostalgic Flooring

At Nostalgic Wood we strive to provide products that will always have the sense of individuality that cannot be replicated. We re-mill timbers to create wide-plank wood flooring that is seasoned with history, and whispers tales of old growth forests. Wood used for our products is carefully procured from sources that fall into our "3-R's" of sustainability: Reclaimed, Recovered and Rescued. We strive to prevent further detriment to our virgin forests here in Southwestern Ontario. These distinctive characteristics are the very things that provide the charm and uniqueness of Nostalgic flooring. They will always bring a sense of individuality to your home and will extend the life of the old barns and logs in their new form for generations to enjoy.

Our customers have specific preferences and requirements; therefore, all of our orders are treated on a custom basis. Our woods are kiln dried and machined. We do not stock pile any finished product, milling each order according to our customer’s individual needs. All our wide plank flooring is milled to ¾" thickness, supplied unfinished, ready for installation, sanding and finishing onsite.


Nostalgic Wood reclaims wood flooring from century old barns and building that have been dismantled. This reclaimed wood flooring has kerf saw marks, aged knots and checks, as well as the irregular spaced nail holes and markings from past hardware. All of these features are further accentuated with rich colours, shaded edges and tracking marks created from burrowing insects on some types of wood.


Nostalgic Wood recovers century old wood from rivers, lakes and buried wharfs. Recovered woods are generally richer and deeper in colour due to the minerals absorbed from the earth and water over many years and the age of the timbers when first cut.


Nostalgic Wood rescues trees that have been designated for removal due to safety risks, damage, disease or construction. Rescued woods produce dramatic flooring as well as unique pieces that are impressive special accents for your home.